Design for private clients

On this site, that is under construction, Nico van Bockhooven Architect will show projects that he designed for private clients.
Small projects, big projects, private houses, guest houses, holliday homes, interieur projects, extentions, new constructions and more.
But most of all original projects, custom made. And nowdays preferable sustainable, circulair and healthy projects.

Very often a project starts with an advise.

Like a project in Heemstede where we renovate an old monumental city farmhous and made an extention.
The first question of the client was 'what is the potential of the house? Can we turm it into a comfortable, origenal family house for us and our 4 children?'
So I started with two simple hand sketches that showed the enormous potential of the monumenent.
The client was thrilled, a project was born!

Another client had a beatifull charming house in the dunes near Overveen.
They wanted to investigate how they could make their house more sustainable and also life course resistant so they can live there untill very old age.
I made an investigation, wrote it down in a report that they can use over the comimg years to see what interventions they can do.
As a result, we started with the renovation of an old outhouse near the main building that is used as an office, atelier and guesthouse.
We stripped it, have optimally insulated it and used all kinds of sustainable materials like bamboo, wood wool for insulation and an oil free cast floor.

Or the client that wanted to buy a big estate with a monumental villa in the forests of Aerdenhout.
The wanted to know what was possible given the existing zoning plan (bestemmingsplan).
I investegated this and made a report and some first analitic drawings and sketches of a possible extention.
Based on this investigation we started to design an extention of 240 m2 for the villa.

Just a view stories that show how I work and what I do for the divers group of clients I have.
Are you intrigued and do you have a question related to living, working, relaxing? Give me a call (0031 6 54378991) or send me an email (, and i might be able to help you!

Nico van Bockhooven Architect